Rosalia S. Nolan

Rosalia S. Nolan

Professional Experience/Services

Rosalia Nolan helps Boards, executives, and their teams grow their organizations through strategic investments in leadership and financial capabilities. She provides organizations with a financial lens on strategy, developing practical frameworks to help leaders implement change through deeper knowledge of performance, improved decision-making, enhanced knowledge sharing, and the development of future leaders. Her clients include executives and directors across many different industries.

Rosalia cultivated her approach while in leadership at Koch Industries, Inc. and American International Group. In these roles, she framed strategic board decisions, negotiated business combinations, implemented profitable financial audit services, and drove sustainable technology solutions. Rosalia draws on 25 years of global experience as a leader in business, talent development, and community service. She continually enhances her skills through study and alliances with experts in the fields of strategic advantage, business valuation and intelligence, risk management, corporate governance, leadership advisory and communication.

Current affiliations include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Business Ethics Forum, National Association of Corporate Directors, and the Board of Directors of Murray Hill Institute, CALL, and the Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles. Rosalia is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso.

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